Frontend Meetup x React Budapest 🏖 Open Air

///   IdƑpont: 2017.08.03. 19:00
///   HelyszĂ­n: Budapest, AndrĂĄssy Ășt 66.

Let’s break the summer silly season with some knowledge sharing and making new friends at a joint open-air event of Frontend Meetup Budapest and React Budapest.

What to expect? Sunshine, Frontend and React talks, pizza, beer, familiar and new faces, the usual. What not to love about this? 🙂


Dåvid Judik (Chain.Reaction):  Styled-components and React

What is a styled-component, how to use them and how they are different than other solutions, like CSS modules.

Ádåm Metål (Coding Sans): GraphQL Apollo Introduction

Getting started with React Apollo stack. How to create and use a GraphQL server. What is Apollo and how it’s working.

… and maybe more, check the event for updates.

To remind you or put you in the mood for talking shop in the open, check Erik Wyatt’s video about Testing React and React Native and his slides from the last Frontend Meetup.