IDC Predictions 2017

///   Időpont: 2017. február 22.
///   Helyszín: Barabás Villa, 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 44.

Who is it for?

By function:

CIOs, IT directors, heads of IT, directors of strategy, heads of departments, deputy directors, IT infrastructure managers, operation managers, IT managers, purchasing managers, and heads of innovation. Also CMOs and CFOs and all who hold strategic business positions and understand the necessity of technology to succeed.

Key Topics for Predictions 2017

Innovations that customers are looking for to increase their competitive position, differentiate themselves on the market, and energize the entire organization for better performance.

industry icon CLOUD SERVICES
industry icon INTERNET OF THINGS
industry icon 3D PRINTING
industry icon SOCIAL MEDIA
industry icon MOBILITY
industry icon VR/AR
industry icon ROBOTICS

Connect Sessions – there will be a number of interactive sessions, grouped around selected technologies and industries, to facilitate brainstorming, experience sharing, and provocative discussions.

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