palinQA talks: Automation with Protractor and Sharing Testing Stories

///   Időpont: 2017.12.05. 19:00
///   Helyszín: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 9.


Before Christmas season occupies us, let’s meet for the last palinQA meetup of 2017! This time our meetup will have a balance of technical and soft skills: Gergely will introduce Protractor and explain how it could be used for test automation, while Erik will share his experience on how to make testers communicate better within a company.

This event is kindly hosted by LogMeIn.

Gergely Ágnecz ( (Senior Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems)
Protractor – A new Hope?

Do you implement and execute UI tests for web applications? Are you struggling with Selenium? Do you want to find a new solution? There are a lot of tools for web UI testing which we can use, but Protractor from Angular is trying to open a new era of test automation. During the my presentation I will introduce you all to Protractor and how it can help you out during your daily work.

During the talk you will hear about the following:
– General UI testing and struggles
– What is Protractor
– How does it work
– How to use it
– Pros and cons
– Q&A

Gergely is a Senior Test Automation Engineer at EPAM since 2014. His main testing areas are web-services, web ui and mobile testing, both automated and manual way. He graduated at Dennis Gabor College and has active master studies at University of Hertfordshire. Previously, he worked for Nokia Solutions and Networks as System Tester and for the Hungarian Telekom as a Software Application Tester. Since 2016, he is a regular guest speaker at the Obuda University, Pazmany Peter Catholic University and Eotvos Lorand University to hold lectures about mobile test automation

Erik Hörömpöli ( (Software Tester at TOPdesk (
Why you should share what you’ve got – telling tales of testing across the company

As my company is growing – currently at 17 scrum teams in 3 countries – we are facing the problem of testers in these teams not talking too much to each other. Therefore not sharing enough experience, lessons-learned and especially mistakes. In this talk I will tell you why I think we need to tackle this, what forums do we have for community building, what works and where do we struggle. I’ll leave you with some key take-away on why I feel strongly about this topic and hope that you will hear something that you can implement at your organization.

Erik fell into testing 5 years ago after finishing sociology studies, worked with consumer finance software in the beginning, now works at TOPdesk. He is interested in understanding systems and the spot where software meets people. He writes a blog on testing ( ), is on twitter (@erikhun) and helps organizing PálinQA.


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