Unity 3D: Development of Totemori / MVVM pattern in a game / new features of U3D

///   IdĹ‘pont: 2017.08.07.
///   HelyszĂ­n: 1065 Budapest, NagymezĹ‘ utca 54-56.

1. development of Totemori by MATE CZINER
I could do a presentation on the development of Totemori. most interesting aspects are probably the time management, scoping, and maybe usertesting. Oh, and the things we messed up 🙂

2. Using MVVM pattern in unity3d game by EGOR PISKUNOV
Lightweight MVVM implementation for Unity3D game with example, pros and cons.

3. Unity 3D[masked] new features by ZSOLT BALAI
Many new features arrived in recent versions of Unity: frame debugger, physics debugger, timeline editor. I can give a glimpse of what these things can do.

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