WebPromo SEO Day

///   Időpont: 2016.02.12. 16:30-18:30
///   Helyszín: Online

This year we have International institutional SEO giants:  MozSimilarwebSEMrush and BuzzSumo and the brilliant speakers: Rand FishkinBoaz SassonMichael Stricker and Steve Rayson.

In 2015, BuzzSumo became tool of a choice for the majority of marketers. We have done little survey asking respondents to name the 5 SEO tools they regularly use, BuzzSummo was included almost every time.

Absolutely everyone in our survey picked Similarweb, an extremely popular tool, but very few people know how much different the Free and Paid versions are, and the paid version has plenty of options itself from “cheap” to very expensive. 2016 brings a lot of updates and new options for Similarweb.

SEMrush has been on the market, seems forever, but the company managed to keep the tool fresh and up to date. It is very popular among our respondents. Michael Stricker, U.S. Director of Marketing for SEMrush, has exclusive new data (prepared for this Conference) regarding how Google is treating the new TLDs (Top Level Domain). Be among the first to see this…

Moz Open Site Explorer is a popular tool. Rand Fishkin seems to be in a league of his own. We will be happy to put your questions to Rand, register to the conference and use reply button of the “Welcome email” to send us your questions.

ORGANIZER: WebPromo.Expert – Anton Shulke


  • Moz – Rand Fishkin 
  • SEMrush – Michael Stricker
  • Similarweb – Boaz Sasson
  • BuzzSumo  – Steve Rayson
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