42% of mobile gamers are female

///   2014. október 01.

Inside the GWI report, GWI explored the demographics of who engages with gaming each month – showing that many of the traditional clichés which some still associate with gaming are losing ground.

Across GWI’s 32 countries, for example, there are now more female gamers aged 25-44 than there are male gamers in the 16-24 bracket. Overall, in fact, about 4 in 10 console and mobile gamers are female.

Gamers are also growing up, with a majority of gamers surveyed by GWI being 25-34. And older generations are starting to game too – one fifth of Wii gamers are aged 45-64, suggesting that Nintendo’s mission to appeal to a different demographic by focusing on casual games has attracted a cohort of silver gamers.


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