Digital Video Industry Continues to Grow in Size and Complexity

///   2018. február 26., készítette Vanda

Best practices span a wide range of media types

The growth of the US digital video advertising industry is unmistakable: Between 2018 and 2021, it will increase by double-digit percentages annually, topping $22 billion by the end of that period.

The industry is also gaining in complexity. Each year brings new formats, devices, platforms, ways of transacting video ads and, accordingly, new best practices.

Some of the best practices industry experts shared in early 2017 continue to be top of mind, including focusing on short ads, front-loading branding elements, using detailed targeting criteria and making ads contextually relevant to the space around them.

Other best practices have taken hold over the past year, in areas such as out-stream video, brand safety and fraud reduction. Some of these were in response to specific events and trends that unfolded in 2017.

“Connected TV advertising will be a big focus for 2018,” said eMarketer principal analyst Paul Verna. “The audience is primed and ready, the devices are numerous and increasingly sophisticated, and there are multiple content platforms to support the ecosystem. The last remaining piece of the puzzle is a robust ad economy, and by many indications this will be the year when it starts to scale.”

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