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The Fastest-Growing App Categories in 2015

Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the way we interact with media. We may still be listening to the radio, read the news and or watch television shows, but more and more often we’re doing it on our mobile devices ...
///   2016. február 01.

Google is working on a new messaging app

Google is developing a messaging app with additional smart features in an attempt to catch up with rivals, including Facebook.According to The Wall Street Journal, Google wants to integrate chatbot assistants inside its proposed app. Chatbots are ...
///   2016. január 05.

Growth in Emerging Markets Leading to Big Growth for Google Play, App Store

In their quarterly report released this month, App Annie found that both the App Store and Google Play experienced major growth since last quarter.Today, downloads on the Google Play store are 90% higher than on the App Store, up from 85% last quarter.On ...
///   2016. január 05.

The Smartphone App Retention Challenge

Engagement breeds retention.App developers—and the marketers who work with them—are faced with several challenges. A creative idea for a useful or fun app is worth little without the marketing needed to make sure that app actually gets on users’ ...
///   2015. december 22.

Mixed picture for mobile commerce apps – App Annie

While the perception remains that iOS users are more valuable than their Android counterparts in mobile commerce terms, Android is gaining traction as smartphones have become increasingly important for the mass market, App Annie said.This came as ...
///   2015. december 22.

IBM hits 100 app milestone following Apple alliance

IBM said it has delivered more than 100 apps as a result of its partnership with Apple, as the work is extended to a number of new markets.In a statement, IBM said its apps cover 65 individual professions in 14 industries, “from wealth advisors to ...
///   2015. december 22.
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