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How Video Is Changing the Way Consumers Shop

People want to actually see the products they’re interested in New data from Think with Google reveals that more consumers are turning to videos to see products before they buy them. In fact, four in 10 YouTube users surveyed said they went to the ...
///   2018. január 15.

Consumers warming to push notifications

A majority of respondents to a Localytics survey believe push notifications have improved over the years, but continue to lack value. A recent survey of 1,000 smartphone users in the US found push notifications are percieved more positively today ...
///   2018. január 15.

Is it time to take consumer IoT seriously?

Analyst estimates for IoT and the potential value of the market are ever bullish, yet much of the conversation in the mainstream media still revolves around connected fridges, robots and kettles: is it time to make the world sit up and take ...
///   2018. január 02.

How machine learning is changing the game for app marketers

Jason Spero Nov 2017Mobile, Advertising Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have the potential to revolutionise marketing as much as mobile, the internet and television did in the past. Forward-thinking companies are using ...
///   2018. január 02.
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