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Mobile Navigation

There are some great debates and articles in the UI/UX designer world about “Should we use hamburger menus in our products?”.If you are interested in the origin and history of this pattern, you can read this.But this article does not intend to be one ...
///   2015. április 13.

The Psychology Of Notifications

In his famed experiments, Ivan Pavlov trained his dogs to associate mealtime with the ring of a bell. Pavlov found he could elicit an involuntary physical response in his dogs with a simple jingle. Every time his bell rang, the dogs began to salivate. ...
///   2015. február 09.

Hypothesis driven UX design

The value of design changes when you enable whole teams to learn instead of just looking at pretty mockups. Shortly before I joined (an ebay owned automotive platform in Germany with millions of visits per month) a smart product manager had an ...
///   2015. január 12.

A reszponzív dizájn hazugságai

Nagyon sok olyan esettel találkozom, amikor a reszponzív layoutokat, frameworkoket azért kezdik el használni site-ok építésénél, mert így legalább le van tudva ez az eszközfragmentációs probléma. Mindenki nagyon meg van rettenve újabban ...
///   2015. január 05.
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