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App vulnerability exposing enterprise data

Mobile security company Appthority said that nearly 700 apps used in enterprises feature a vulnerability that resulted in “large-scale data exposure”. The company said that the flaw, tagged Eavesdropper, is a “real and ongoing threat”, ...
///   2017. november 13.

Mobile Has Largely Displaced Other Channels for Email

More than half of emails worldwide are read on a mobile device The world of email marketing has changed pretty significantly over the past five years. Where desktop clients like Outlook were once a more important delivery medium, readers of ...
///   2017. november 03.

Welcome to the divergence

I've been thinking a lot about convergence recently — the notion that more and more pieces of our lives will somehow be turned into software or consumed by a smartphone in some way. Convergence has been the organizing principle of the tech industry for ...
///   2016. január 28.

9 tips for designing smart watch apps

Smart watches offer a promising new customer touch point for retailers and financial services companies, but any successful effort to use them in your business will depend strongly on having a laser focus on the simplicity and utility of your ...
///   2016. január 22.

BlackBerry going all-in on Android phones

This will be an all-Android year for BlackBerry's newest phones.The Waterloo, Ontario-based company plans to release one new product, and potentially a second phone, in 2016. Both will run on Google's mobile software, CEO John Chen confirmed in an ...
///   2016. január 15.
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