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Facebook Losing Younger Users

But not all are migrating to Instagram According to eMarketer’s latest forecast on social network usage, Facebook is losing younger users at an even faster pace than previously expected. And while the social media platform was able to count on ...
///   2018. február 21.

Facebook confirms test of a downvote button for flagging comments

How can Facebook promote meaningful interaction between users? By letting them downvote inappropriate comments to hide them. Facebook is now testing a downvote button on a limited set of public Page post comment reels, the company confirms to ...
///   2018. február 12.

Facebook’s “Hard” but Lucrative Year

Facebook spent 2017 flying past expectations as its quarterly earnings reports consistently delivered solid results, making 2016 look small fry. As our infographic shows, in the full year figures released yesterday, the company posted a year-on-year ...
///   2018. február 05.

For Influencers, Instagram Is the Clear-Cut Favorite

Nearly 80% consider it their primary platform for brand collaborations How important is Instagram to the world of social media influencers? A new survey of social influencers worldwide from influencer platform Zine found that nearly 80% of ...
///   2018. február 05.

Apple, Facebook, Google press for Wi-Fi at 6GHz

Michael O’Rielly, a commissioner at the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), suggested the agency take up a proceeding to open the 6GHz band for Wi-Fi use after a study commissioned by tech titans showed coexistence with incumbent services ...
///   2018. január 29.

Óriási változások jönnek a Facebookra

Mark Zuckerberg eget-földet megrengető változásokat jelentett be  csütörtökön a Facebook háza táján. Újragondolták a hírfolyamokat, vagyis azt a felületet, amit ön is Facebookként ismer, és ami az elmúlt években ...
///   2018. január 15.
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