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Tablet ownership highest in North America

As with smartphones, the top income group has a clear lead over the others (69% in the top 25% vs 37% in the bottom 25%). By age, though, it’s the 16-24s who trail all of the other age groups; just 36% say they personally own a tablet, compared to a ...
///   2015. január 07.

80% of internet users own a smartphone

Overall, PCs and laptops remain in pole position, with a mighty 91% of internet users aged 16-64 saying that they personally own one. However, smartphones have now established themselves as absolutely mainstream devices too; an impressive 80% of online ...
///   2015. január 07.

[AppDevCare] Mobile networking surges past 40%

Globally, PCs and laptops might still be the leading devices, but it’s mobiles and tablets which are enjoying strong growth rates. So, while 3 in 5 adult internet users are now connecting to social networks via a PC or laptop (down slightly since ...
///   2014. december 02.

Free Delivery is the Most Effective Online Purchase Driver #moblie payment

As explored in the new GWI Commerce report (a free summary of which can be downloaded here), free delivery is the most effective online purchase driver. Of the 15 different options tracked by GWI, it’s this measure which scores the highest response ...
///   2014. november 14.

37% of US iPhone Users are Buying Products via Mobile

Among the USA’s mobile audience, iPhone users are most enthusiastic about digital shopping. Three quarters have bought a product online in the last month and almost 4 in 10 are shopping online via their mobile. US iPhone users are also less likely than ...
///   2014. október 21.

54% of Tablet Users Have the Android OS

As we track in our Tablet Trends report (which can be downloaded here), the tablet boom could well be coming to an end. Growth has been slowing in recent quarters and, while we are yet to hit a tablet recession, the 200% year-on-year growth in usage ...
///   2014. október 21.
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