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Some apps won’t work on iOS 11 — here’s how to check which ones

iOS 11 is almost here, and it’ll bring a host of new features to your iPhone or iPad. Also coming in the new update is the final switch for Apple from 32-bit apps to 64-bit apps, meaning that if an app you’ve been using hasn’t been updated for ...
///   2017. szeptember 20.

A 4K-s Apple TV is várható holnap, ezt derítették ki róla az iOS 11 kódjából

Steven Troughton-Smith, aki idén Guilherme Rambóval együtt szállítják a kiszivárgott vagy véletlenül kiadott operációs rendszerekben található információkat be nem mutatott Apple termékekkel kapcsolatban, és akiket már családtagként ...
///   2017. szeptember 11.

Siri still lagging behind IA rivals despite HomePod & iOS 11 upgrades, say ex-employees & developers

Siri is still lagging behind rival intelligent assistants, say former Apple employees who worked on the project, despite the latest enhancements announced at WWDC. Software developers attending the conference have also reportedly expressed disappointment ...
///   2017. június 16.

The 9 Key New Features Coming to iOS 11

THIS FALL, YOUR iPhone and iPad will get a new operating system. Lucky you! Applepreviewed the new version of iOS today on stage at its WWDC developer event. Contained within iOS 11 are several key enhancements to apps and controls you use every day, and ...
///   2017. június 16.
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