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Even Switzerland Is Obsessed With Smartwatches Now

THE SWISS WATCH market exists within a blissful parallel universe. In this magical place, people celebrate the contemplative beauty of a perpetual calendar complication, and happily pay five or six figures for mechanical ...
///   2017. március 30.

Tablet market continues its slide – IDC

The worldwide tablet market continued to suffer in Q2 2016, with volumes shrinking 12.3 per cent year-on-year to 38.7 million units, as vendors refocused product lines and consumers held off on product buys.While Android remained the dominant platform, ...
///   2016. augusztus 05.

IDC cuts smartphone growth forecast

IDC revised downward its forecast for smartphone market growth in 2016, “on the basis of the continued slowdown in mature markets and China”.The company said that the market will grow by 3.1 per cent to 1.48 billion shipments, a reduction of 2.6 ...
///   2016. június 03.

iPhone Share of Smartphone Market Inches Upward

In the US and UK, iPhone audiences are growing. In the years following Google’s release of the Android OS, iPhones lost market share of the smartphone audience as users turned to lower-priced handsets made by a variety of manufacturers. But the number ...
///   2016. április 25.
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