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What Social Trends Are Marketers Paying Attention To?

Many are looking at social messaging and video Social media is providing marketers with an ever-growing litany of media options beyond just display advertising. But which are the most important? A new study from The Creative Group polled 400 US ...
///   2017. október 02.

WhatsApp declined UK request to access messages

WhatsApp refused to create a backdoor for the UK government to access encrypted messages sent via the app, Sky News reported. A source told the news outlet terrorists often use encrypted apps including WhatsApp and Telegram, and not being able to ...
///   2017. szeptember 25.

Új rekord: naponta 1 milliárdan használják a legnépszerűbb üzenetküldőt

Mintha nagyjából minden hetedik ember naponta használná a WhatsAppot: mérföldkőhöz érkezett az üzenetküldő a napi aktív felhasználói számot illetően. A WhatsApp nyilvánosságra hozta, hogy naponta immár egymilliárdan használják ...
///   2017. július 28.

EC looks at greater regulation of messaging apps

The European Commission wants to tighten existing rules on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype, according to the Financial Times (FT).The EC is working on proposals that would mean messaging firms having to abide by “security and confidentiality ...
///   2016. augusztus 25.

Smartphone Ownership Is Almost Universal in the Nordic Countries

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the top messaging platforms Smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in the Nordic countries. According to research by Buzzador, more than nine in 10 internet users in each of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden now ...
///   2016. május 12.

LINE business platform to turn app into “smart portal”

Japan’s LINE Corporation launched a business platform for its messaging app, as its CEO said an IPO is still on the cards.LINE said it wants to “forge stronger ties” between users and businesses, as part of its “Closing the Distance” strategy, ...
///   2016. március 29.
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