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iPhone Share of Smartphone Market Inches Upward

In the US and UK, iPhone audiences are growing. In the years following Google’s release of the Android OS, iPhones lost market share of the smartphone audience as users turned to lower-priced handsets made by a variety of manufacturers. But the number ...
///   2016. április 25.

Parents Want Some Control of Their Child’s Mobile Phone Usage

Like adults, children are increasingly connected to the digital world. And while parents are granting them usage of these devices, they also want features on there that they can control. According to December 2015 research from Trustlook, nearly ...
///   2016. február 10.

Android vs. iOS: User Differences Every Developer Should Know

With Android and iPhone now combining for nearly 90 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, many app developers are concentrating their efforts on serving the majority of smartphone users through these two platforms. But there is an inherent tension when ...
///   2016. január 05.

Italy Leads the EU-5 in Mobile Internet Access

Mobile trumps fixed-line web access.Italy’s long-standing financial troubles have been a major roadblock to government investment in infrastructure, including the networks required for 21st-century communications systems. Improvements are still ...
///   2016. január 05.

Mobile’s Workplace Role Continues to Grow

Social and search platforms are also reaching mobile tipping points.The first, most overarching trend for B2B mobile marketing in 2016 is that mobile’s role in the workplace will continue to grow. Mobile is a key contributor to the ever-blurrier lines ...
///   2016. január 05.

Trends for 2016: Five Predictions for What Won’t Happen

Ad blocking still frightens and confuses marketers.While digital trends like mobile messaging apps and mobile commerce will continue to heat up in 2016, other things like viewability and ad blocking won’t. Here are eMarketer’s predictions for what ...
///   2015. december 22.
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