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Inseego CEO: fixed a natural starting point for 5G

Inseego CEO Dan Mondor dismissed concerns about whether fixed-wireless is the right route for initial 5G rollouts, insisting it is a “natural starting point” for next generation deployments. Mondor, whose company is working with Verizon and ...
///   2018. január 22.

T-Mobile aims for thousands of 600MHz sites in 2018

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray revealed the operator is pushing to light up “thousands” of 600MHz sites in 2018 as part of an effort to enhance its coast-to-coast US coverage. In a year-end review video released this week, Ray reported T-Mobile has ...
///   2017. december 27.

ICT Facts and Figures 2016

The ITU ICT Facts and Figures 2016 features end-2016 estimates for key telecommunication/ICT indicators, including on mobile-cellular subscriptions, Internet use, fixed and mobile broadband services, home ICT access, and more. 2016 marks the year when ...
///   2016. augusztus 05.

Huawei warns 5G will not happen overnight

LIVE FROM 5G WORLD, LONDON: Ying Weimin, president of R&D at Huawei’s wireless network product line, argued in favour of a step-by-step approach to achieving a 2020 launch date for 5G.The Chinese vendor is making its own moves towards achieving the ...
///   2016. július 15.
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