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Android Studio 1.0 arrives

Android Studio 1.0, a new environment for building native Android applications that Google first teased at Google I/O 2013, has arrived. The new IDE was released in preview a year later at Google I/O 2014, but today marks the official availability of ...
///   2014. december 17.

Scaling enterprise agile

For years businesses have been practicing agile, seeing notable success in time to market, productivity and creativity at the team level. Now they want to expand the scope of those benefits.If you asked development teams a year or two ago to identify the ...
///   2014. november 27.

Testing in a modern, mobile and agile world

Test early and test often is a mantra every tester these days is familiar with, but with the advent of mobile and methodologies such as DevOps and agile, testing can get lost.“Organizations are expected to put code out faster, and there are pressures ...
///   2014. november 14.

Deep linking an Android app

To weave a more intuitive mobile Web, individual companies and developers must navigate the various technologies and hurdles in forging those intra-app connections. As senior Android manager at online ticketing platform Eventbrite, Juan Gomez was ...
///   2014. november 14.

Mobile’s toughest challenge: Offline

Parallel to the rise in importance of mobile apps comes increased emphasis on certain mobile platform services—geolocation, data service aggregation and home screen widgets, to name a few. Most of these are well understood by both consumers and ...
///   2014. november 14.
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