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App vulnerability exposing enterprise data

Mobile security company Appthority said that nearly 700 apps used in enterprises feature a vulnerability that resulted in “large-scale data exposure”. The company said that the flaw, tagged Eavesdropper, is a “real and ongoing threat”, ...
///   2017. november 13.

Google to appeal against order to hand over user emails stored outside US

Judge rules Gmail-provider must comply with FBI warrants despite privacy implications, contrary to previous ruling in similar Microsoft case  A Gmail log-in screen. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian Google has said it will appeal a ...
///   2017. február 07.

Most Mobile Users Will Delete an App If Concerned About Security

Many consumers are not downloading and using mobile apps because of increasing privacy and security concerns, according to 2015 research. Some have even deleted an app or stopped using it because of this issue. Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), AVG ...
///   2016. január 22.

Mobile App Install Fraud Is a Worldwide Concern

Hong Kong has the highest click fraud index.Mobile app install fraud is a growing issue for many, and especially for Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries that top the list for highest click fraud. Top 10 Countries, Ranked by Highest vs. Lowest ...
///   2015. december 10.

Majority of Android vulnerabilities are due to lack of security updates

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have discovered that about 87% of Android vulnerabilities are due to a lack of security updates from manufacturers.The researchers used a device analyzer app they created to get statistics from more ...
///   2015. október 28.

Hatalmas hibát találtak az iOS 9-ben

Szélsebesen terjed az iPhone és iPad felhasználói körében az iOS 9, az Apple szerint az eszközök több mint felén már az új operációs rendszer fut. Rengeteg hasznos újítás van benne, melyekről mi is készítettünk összeállítást, de ...
///   2015. szeptember 25.
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