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Perfecto mobile: Putting apps through their own wind tunnel

Before apps can be monetised or even launched, they need to be rigorously tested for functionality and usability, starting from the very first log in experience to more complicated functions.That is what CEO and founder Eran Yaniv set out to do when he ...
///   2015. július 02.

How to Make Our Android Apps Unit Testable (Pt. 1)

Unit testing Android apps is hard, and sometimes it can be impossible. For the past two posts, I’ve been explaining why android unit testing is so difficult. The main conclusion from the last post is that it is difficult/impossible to unit test our ...
///   2015. május 08.

Top 5 Android Testing Frameworks (with Examples)

Google’s Android ecosystem continues to expand rapidly. It is evident that new mobile OEMs are emerging in every corner of the world, bringing in different screen sizes, ROM/firmwares, chipsets, and etc. For Android developers, it becomes rather ...
///   2015. március 25.

Testing changes in agile development shops, study finds

As agile practices, Continuous Integration and other new methodologies come into development environments, organizations have come to realize they need to change the way they test software.Among the changes highlighted in a recent survey of more than 500 ...
///   2015. február 20.

Keeping a mobile tester’s head above water

Being a software tester is no easy feat, especially when technology is constantly changing. In the past, when testers had to assess an application, they didn’t have to worry a whole lot about different operating systems, devices or screen sizes, ...
///   2015. január 25.

Practical tips for Web and mobile usability tests

While most usability testing methods described in The Guide to Usability Testing apply to Web and mobile, we want to describe some of the nuances specific to each medium. Actually, most usability testing methods can be run any product from cloud payment ...
///   2015. január 15.
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