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Misused mobile UX patterns

Misused mobile UX patternsIf you are an experienced designer, you probably agree that being inspired by others is not stealing in UI design. It’s best practice research. It’s using design patterns. It’s following the guidelines. It’s making sure ...
///   2015. november 27.

Ezért veszélyes a mobilozás

Hatalmas megterhelést jelent a nyak számára az állandó mobilozás – állítja Doktor Kenneth K. Hansraj. Vannak módszerek a kellemetlen hatások enyhítésére. Doktor Kenneth K. Hansraj írt is erről egy tanulmányt, a kiváltott hatásnak ...
///   2015. július 28.

Developers should make the most of in-app messages

In-app messages are a great communication tool for engaging users who are already using an app, says a study by Localytics, although only one third of app marketers use them as part of their engagement strategy.The study found that apps that send in-app ...
///   2015. július 02.

Developing for Android, III: The Rules: Performance

On Android, performance and memory are closely intertwined, since the memory footprint of the overall system can affect the performance of all of the processes, and since the garbage collector can have a significant impact on runtime performance. But the ...
///   2015. június 11.

3 Ways to Monetize Users (And Keep Them Happy) With Mobile Video Ads

Being a game developer has a lot of perks, but when it comes to generating revenue, it can feel like an uphill battle. 91% of iOS and Google Play app store downloads in 2014 were free-to-play, and for any free app, creating a business around the game ...
///   2015. május 31.

YouAppi: App makers should focus on user retention, post-install events

One of the key mistakes the industry makes is focusing on installs rather than user retention, according to the CEO of YouAppi, a mobile apps analytics company which has just launched a new version of its OneRun platform.“With most apps today being ...
///   2015. május 22.
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