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Nokia retreats from VR amid health push

Nokia announced plans to reduce investments in the virtual reality (VR) market due to “slower than expected development”, while increasing the focus of its Technologies unit on digital health and licensing opportunities. In a rethink of its Nokia ...
///   2017. október 10.

Egyelőre parányi, de fellendülés előtt áll a VR-piac

Közel 2,3 millió headset talált gazdára 2017 első negyedében az IDC jelentése szerint. Az elemzők fellendülést várnak a gyerekcipőben járó piactól, amelyet az idén megjelenő modellek és a mögéjük állított tartalom hozhatnak ...
///   2017. június 07.

Most People Don’t Want Virtual Reality Headsets

Though US internet users are interested in virtual reality (VR) and experiencing different types of content via the technology, February 2016 research found that most users worldwide are not interested in purchasing a VR headset.Video game media company ...
///   2016. április 01.

McDonald’s dominates mobile by transforming packaging into virtual reality handsets

McDonald’s is adding a new spin to its Happy Meal by enabling customers in Sweden to download a complementary mobile application and turn the packaging into a virtual reality viewer, underscoring the fast food chain’s desire to build relationships ...
///   2016. március 02.

Which VR Headset Holds the Pole Position?

Virtual Reality is one of the hottest new markets in the tech world and virtually every big player in the industry is currently trying to claim a piece of it before it takes off. Facebook, Sony, Google and others have all at least pre-announced their own ...
///   2015. december 22.
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